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Probably the best source of Irish genealogical information in the late 18th and early to mid-19th century are church records. The data below is taken largely from parish records copied for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Records are shown from the earliest available until the 1860's when public vital statistic records begin.

While the Griffiths Valuation (1848-1864) is a comprehensive list of households, it has a significant weakness. Griffiths only lists household heads. Thus, in Griffiths we have a snap shot which shows in most cases, only the father, but not the wife or children. On the other hand, church records show husbands, wives and children.

An examination of the list below indicates that the number of MacDermot Roe households peaked in the mid-19th century at about 40. The number of households shown in parish records is greater than the number shown in Griffiths Valuation. This is probably due to the fact that parish priests were more likely to indicate the appellation than the government clerks of Griffiths Valuation who were not as close to the community.

The number of McDermott Roe households is a little more than double the number shown in the 1617 lease of Brian MacDermot of the Rock. See page , MacDermot of Moylurg, Sir Dermot MacDermot, pages 458-464. However, it reflects a steep decline in the percentage of MacDermott households who used the appellation - from close to one half in 1617 to only about 6 percent in the mid-19th century.

Due to the suppression of Roman Catholicism in Ireland, Roman Catholic parish records do not exist in Ireland until the late 18th century. The first parish records appear in towns such as Boyle with the more remote parishes starting records later. All parishes are in County Roscommon unless otherwise noted.

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Roman Catholic Church Records

Aghanagh (Aghanagh CP, Co. Sligo now RC Church of Ballinafad)

Philip m. Mary McLaughlin December 16, 1879

Thomas (Annagh aka Dumanilra), son of Thomas, and w. Elizabeth Garvey had

-Patrick chr. October 12, 1875

-James chr. February 2, 1877

-Maria chr. March 1, 1878

-Brigid chr. March 30, 1879

-Thomas, chr 1881

-Matthew, chr 1884

-Hubert, chr 1892

-Michael, chr 1896

-Frank, chr, unk

Bernard and w. Jane Kelley had

-Bernard chr. 1863

John and w. Elizabeth Crine had

-Patrick chr. 1859

John and w. Catherine Reynolds

-Elizabeth chr. 1859

Roderick m. Margarit O'Bryan February 1, 1841

Thomas m. Bridget Gardner 1841

Henry (no Roe) m. Catharine Breheny December 7, 1840

Andrew m. Brigid Brennan Jan 24, 1839

Patrick m. Brigid McKeon/McCann March 1835 and had

-Phillip chr. 1848

-Elizabeth chr. 1850

Henry and w. Elizabeth Horan had

-Thomas chr. 1830

-Ann chr. 1833

Patrick and w. Dorothy McLaughlin had

-Patrick chr. 1830

Michael and w. Sabina Mitchell had

-Margaret chr. 1829

Terence m. Brigid Slane 1828 in Boyle P. and had in Aghanagh

-Patrick chr. 1829

John and Bridget Lee of Crosshill, sponsors for

-John, s. of James and Catherine Gaffney, Jan. 4, 1824

Philip m. Eleanor Dolan 1818 in Boyle P. and had in Aghanagh

-John chr. 1829

-Henry chr. 1834

Edmund and w. Winifred Monaghan had

-James chr. 1806

Thomas and w. Elizabeth Dolan had

-Honour chr. 1805

Elizabeth m. Patrick O'Gary June 15, 1802

Ann m. Michael Balintine February 21, 1800

Comment: Thomas, son of Thomas, was of Annagh aka Dumanilra

Ahascragh, County Galway

Michael m. Joanna Hardiman February 10, 1876


Ardcarn and Tuamna (Next parish S. of Kilronan)

Patrick and Bridget Glynn

-Terence b. 1870

James and w. Mary Connatton had

-Martin Joseph chr. 1860

Patrick m. Margaret Lavan September 25, 1852

Edward m. Eleanor Gaffney August 7, 1848

Eugene m. Mary Creamer October 21, 1844

John m. Brigid Sweeny February 26, 1844

Cornelius and w. Catherine McDermott had

-Baby chr. 1843

-Honor chr. 1848


Ballaghdereen (Kilcolman CP, Achonry Diocese)

Elizabeth m. Thomas Plunkett February 21, 1841 and in Killucan/Ballinameen had

-Margaret b. 1842

-John b. 1844

-Patrick b. 1847

-Mary b. 1849

Edward and Anne Kelly were married on October 8, 1846 and had

-Edward b. abt. 1850

-Terence b. November 10, 1854

-Mary Ann b. July 2, 1859

-Richard b. 1852, m. Bridget Donohue and d. November 21, 1934, Providence, RI

-Patrick b. March 16, 1865, m. Margaret Brennan, d. March 2, 1940, Providence, RI

-Peter, b. January 28, 1866, m. Ann Donohue

-Hugh, date of birth unk.



Edward and w. Mary Cox had

-Catherine chr. 1860

-James b. April 8, 1864

-Mary b. 1870

Patrick and w. Bridget Queenan/Cunan had

-Bridget chr. 1857

-James b. April 28, 1864

William and w. Mary Rorke had

-Catherine ch. 1855

-Edward b. June 9, 1864

Bernard m. Ann Kelly 1854

Patrick m. Mary Ryan 1841

James and w. Mary Brennan had

-William chr. 1839

John m. Margaret Hughes 1834

Dominic m. Ann Brady 1825

Patrick m. Brennan 1824

John m. Bridget Camden 1823

Charles and w/ Bridget Cuff had

-Bridget chr. 1804

Thomas m. Winifred Mullooly, wtns. Cormac MDR and Michael Mullooly 1794

Bernard m. Catherine McDonogh 1794

James and w. Catherine Loogh had

-Patrick chr. 1794

James and w. Winifred Grady had

-Bridget chr. 1794

James m. Ann Fennell, wtn. Nicholas Fennell 1793 and had

-Charles chr. 1794

Bernard and w. Brigid Burke had

-John chr. 1793

-Barnabas chr. 1794


Breedogue and Ballinameen (Between Boyle and Frenchpark)

Bartholomew m. Brigit Farrell February 25, 1873 and had

-Mary Kate chr. December 19, 1876

-Bartholomew chr. October 2, 1875

John and w. Brigid Callaghan had

-Honor chr. Nov 20, 1875

-Catherine chr. March 1872

Thomas and w. Maria Mahon had

-Ann chr. April 20, 1865

Charles and w. Catherine McDermott had

-Bridget chr. 1845 (Killucan and Ballinameen)


Cootehall, Ardarn CP (N Shore of Boyle R)

James and w. Mary Conaghton had

-James chr. August 24, 1865


Geevagh RC Church, Kilmactranny CP, Tirerril Barony, County Sligo

John of Cloghmine born circa 1800 m. Mary Conry (Sligo Heritage Society), ancestors of the Roes of America, and had

-James (born circa 1840) who m. 2nd Margaret Breheny ( b.1852-d.1928 in USA) September 14, 1874 and who had, among others,

-Michael b. August 12, 1875

-Bernard b. October 20, 1876

-Mary Catherine b. March 6, 1877

John m. Brigid and had

-John James b. July 24, 1873

John m. Brigid McVanamna February 28, 1867


Gurteen District, Kilfree CP, Coolavin Barony, Co. Sligo

James and w. Mary had

-John b. December 20, 1865

Cornelius and w. Anne Reed had

-Elizabeth and Honor (twins) b. August 7, 1864

-Roger, b. March 27, 1866

-James b. 1869

-Ann (date unkn.)

-Berne, ch. May 26, 1878


Kilronan (includes Ballyfarnon, Keadue and Arigna)

John and w. Bridget McCavey had

-Jane b. 1869

Michael of Crosshill b. abt 1816 m. Anne Duignan January 17, 1842 and had

-John b. 1843 apparently died in infancy

-Henry b. 1850 d aft 1911 m. Bridget Leydon, had 9 children and lived in Crosshill

-Thomas b. 1852, d. August 26, 1921 Ann Marie Malone of Tumna February 3, 1879, had 9 children

-Anna b. November 1855, d. August 1928, immigrated to U.S. 1879, m. Richard Dooley, had 7 children

-Mary b. March 1859

-Teresa b. October 10, 1861

-Elizabeth b. abt. 1866 (based on marriage records in New Jersey)


Loughglynn (covers part of Tibohine CP)

Thomas and w. Mary Kerron had

-Eugene chr. 1823

John and w. Mary Doyle had

-Elizabeth, chr. 1821

Patrick m. Mary Foley 1819 and had

-Charles chr. 1819

-Mary chr. 1819

James and w. Judith Reagan had

-Thomas chr. 1818

Roger and w. Eleanor Cahill had

-Honor chr. 1817

Roger and w. Mary Smith

-Frances chr. 1817

-Roseam chr. 1819


Taunagh, Co. Sligo

James m. Ann McGowan, wtn. incl. John MDR & Margaret Conry 1871

Bartholomew and w. Harriet Caveney had

-Mary chr. 1804

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