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 Between 1848 and 1864, all of the land of Ireland was surveyed for the purpose of establishing the level of rates (local tax) to be paid by each landholder or leaseholder. The survey became known as Griffiths Valuation after the survey's director, Richard Griffith. The date of the survey for Boyle Union which includes much of the MacDermot Roe country was April 20, 1858.

In the survey, 39 entries can be identified as MacDermots Roe. However, a person may be listed more than once if he had property in more than one townland. For example, at least 3 of the 4 listings for William probably belong to William French MacDermot Roe who resided at Alderford, Kilronan Civil Parish. Consequently, the actual number of MacDermot Roe households is less than 39.

Although Griffiths Valuation lists only head of household, it is the best census of Ireland in the 19th century. All Irish censuses prior to 1901 were destroyed. Thus, Griffiths Valuations along with parish records constitute the main source of genealogical information for 19th century Ireland. Where known to this researcher, the total acreage in an individual's entry is shown.

The number of MacDermot Roe actual households shown in Griffiths appears a bit less than the approximately 40 MacDermot Roe households shown in mid-19th century parish records. It may be that parish priests were more diligent than government clerks in noting the appellation because of their greater familiarity with the families.

The MacDermots Roe represent about 6% of the total listings of McDermotts in Griffiths Valuation. This indicates a significant decrease from the approximately 50% figure reflected in the 1617 lease of Brian MacDermot of the Rock. See MacDermot of Moylurg (1996), Sir Dermot MacDermot, pages 458-464. The decline is attributed to the tendency of descendants to drop the appellation in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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 Name  County  Civil Parish  Townland  Total Acres
 Barthw Rosc  Kilnamanagh Cloonmagunaum

 Bridget Rosc  Kilbryan Annagh or Drumanilra
(N Shore of Loch Ce)

 Bridget  Rosc  Kilronan Castletenison Demesne

 Bridget  Rosc  Kilronan Cuiltygower

 Bryan  Rosc  Ardcarn Cornagrea

 Bryan*  Sligo  Toomour Cloonagh

 Cornelius  Rosc  Ardcarn Cornagrea

 Cornelius, Jr  Rosc  Ardcarn Cornagrea

 Cornelius*  Sligo  Kilfree Moygara

 Dominick*  Sligo  Kilmactranny  Tullynure

 Edmond*  Sligo  Kilcolman  Tawnymucklagh

 Edward*  Sligo  Kilshalvy  Kilshalvy

 Henry  Sligo  Aghanagh  Bunnodober
(1 mi W of Ballinafad)

 James  Rosc  Boyle  T/Boyle/The Green

 James*  Sligo  Kilfree  Cloontycarn

 James*  Sligo  Kilshalvy  Kilshalvy

 John  Rosc  Kilbryan  Smutternagh
(N Shore of Loch Ce)

John*  Sligo  Kilmactranny Cloghmine 

 Michael  Rosc  Kilronan  Tullytawen

 Michael  Rosc  Kilronan  Crosshill
(2 mi NE of Keadew)

 Patrick  Rosc  Ardcarne  Bridgecarton or Derrycashel
(just S of Feorish R)

 Patrick  Rosc  Boyle  Balllinphuill
(just W of Boyle)

 Patrick  Rosc  Boyle  Copse
(just W of Boyle)

 Patrick  Rosc  Kilbryan  Aghnasurn
(N Shore of Loch Ce)

 Patrick  Rosc  Kilbryan  Annagh or Drumanilra (N Shore of Loch Ce)

 Patrick  Rosc  Kilronan  Castletenison Demesne
(near Ballyfarnon)

 Patrick  Rosc  Kilronan  Tullytawen
(near Ballyfarnon)

 Patrick  Rosc  Tibohine  Cartron Beg

 Patrick  Rosc  Tibohine  Lisdrumneill

 Patrick*  Sligo  Kilfree  Mahanagh

 Patrick*  Sligo  Killaraght  Tawran

 Thomas  Rosc  Ardcarn  Aghrafinigan
(N Shore of Loch Ce)

 Thomas  Rosc  Ardcarn  Cornamucklagh

 Thomas*  Rosc  Tibohine  Mullaghnashee

 Thomas*  Sligo  Kilcolman  Tawnymucklagh

 William  Rosc  Boyle  T/Boyle/Chapel Lane

 William  Rosc  Kilronan  Alderford

 all or most
of these
 William  Rosc  Kilronan  Greaghnaglogh

 William  Rosc  Kilronan  T/Ballyfarnan

*Comment: Asterisk indicates that "Roe" appeared in Griffith's comments entry - not as part of the surname. The Michael of Crosshill had no Roe in Griffiths but was identified as a Roe from church records.

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