Since the founding of the MacDermots Roe in the 13th century in Ireland, many distinct branches of the family have evolved. Present research has identified about 20 branches in Ireland, North America and Australia and more are likely to be discovered.

Some of the many MacDermot Roe branches are shown on the pedigrees published in this section of "MacDermot Roe, Biatach." You are invited to study the pedigrees and see if they can contribute to your own research. If you make a connection with one of these pedigrees, we would be delighted to know.

With the exception of the two pedigrees from MacDermot of Moylurg, by Dermot MacDermot, the pedigrees have been submitted by MacDermot Roe cousins. The pedigrees may be amended from time to time as new information becomes available.

If you would like to contact a cousin regarding one of the pedigrees or if you are interested in submitting a pedigree, please contact us by email at

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