Descendants of Dermot Ruadh (Roe)

Source: Mac Dermot of Moylurg, Dermot Mac Dermot, published 1996, Drumlin Publications, Nure, Manorhamilton, Co., Leitrim, Ireland, ISBN 072-55237.

Notes to pedigree from subsequent research by Kenneth MacDermotRoe, publisher "MacDermotRoe, Biatach".

1 Dermot Ruadh died 1341. He was the son of Cormac born c. 1250, grandson of Dermot Dall fl. 1266. Dermot Dall originally known as Dermot Roe was the grandson of Cormac Mac Dermot, King of Moylurg, 1218-1244. Dermot Dall acquired the nickname Dall meaning blind after he was blinded by Aedh, King of Connaught in 1266.

2 Cormac Og died 1365. According to The Annals of the Four Masters, he was the Biatach General of Connaught and was killed in a battle with the MacRanalls of South Leitrim recorded as the "Defeat of the Young Warriors."

3 Maelsechlainn fl. 1385.

4 Cormac died 26 February 1617.

5 Henry of Ballinahow

6 Henry died 21 January 1752.

7 John of Annagh, later of Alderford, died 17 April 1777.

8 Thomas, Titular Dean of Ardagh living at Ballyfarnon in Kilronan Parish in 1744, was appointed Roman Catholic Bishop of Ardagh on 2 September 1747 and served until his death in 1751.

9 Matthew was a doctor in Boyle in the 1749 Elphin Census.

10 Charles of Alderford. Following his death in 1759, his wife and children were evicted from Alderford by his brother John who conformed to the Protestant Church of Ireland. In addition to the children shown, he had a son Denis by Eleanor. Denis worked briefly as a tutor for the O'Conors of Belangare c. 1770's. Abandoning plans to become a priest, he moved to England to become an apothecary c. 1780. He may be the Denis McDermot who married Susanna Maskell, 18 December 1785, St Nicholas Church, Tillingham, Essex, England.

11 Married first at the age of about 13 to her cousin Charles O'Conor of Sligo by whom she had several children including Anne and Eleanor. Married second to Charles Mac Dermot Roe of Alderford. Eleanor was a close friend of composer Turlough O'Carolan. Eleanor's daughter Mary said that his last song was composed for her mother. Eleanor was present at O'Carolan's bedside when he died at Alderford, 25 March 1738. Eleanor died c. 1807 while living with her nephew Charles O'Conor of Mount Allen, Kilronan Parish. Her brother, Charles O'Conor of Belangare 1710-1791, not to be confused with her first husband or her nephew, was the renowned historian and Catholic rights advocate.

12 Charles died 20 August 1776.

13 Thomas died 21 December 1823. Conformed to the Protestant Church of Ireland, 1776.

14 Charles born 1751 or 1752 at Alderford, was raised at various locations in Kilronan Parish. In 1781, he left Ireland to work in the Austrian Netherlands. As of 15 February 1793, he was a grocer in Summerhill, Dublin as indicated by his testimony on behalf of Patrick Dillon, 11th Earl of Roscommon, in the Roscommon Peerage Trial in the Irish House of Lords. He emigrated to America and was grocer and tobacconist in New York City early 1800's. Charles, New York City tobacconist c. 1876, appears to be his son or grandson.

15 Henry became a High Knight Templar of the Early Grand Encampment of Ireland on 30 July 1789 along with Howe Green. He is referred to in testimony at the Roscommon Peerage Trial in the Irish House of Lords in 1793. Testimony indicates he was married.

16 Mary first married William Taylor, a merchant in London, about 1779. She and her husband were imprisoned in Paris in 1793 during the French Revolution and released after a few months. After William Taylor's death in Paris, she returned to Ireland to live with her mother Eleanor. She later married William Coulthard, an engineer, of Arigna, Kilronan Parish. William Coulthard, a friend of John Dillon, 10th Earl of Roscommon, and Mary's brother Henry, died 22 May 1829. Mary died in 1835 at the age of 76 and was buried at Kilronan Abbey.

17 Ffrench married 17 October 1805 and died 11 November 1827 not 1824.

18 Malloy was born 1789 and died December 1835. He served as Justice of the Peace.

19 Cecilia died in Dublin 1839.


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