The MacDermots Roe in Religious Service

Leaders of the Catholic Church

Roscommon Peerage Trial
  Starring the MacDermotsRoe and the Earl of Roscommon
Freemasonry and the MacDermots
  An Unexpected Connection
The MacDermots Roe and the French Revolution
  A Tale of Two Prisoners 
The MacDermots Roe and George Washington 
  From Ireland to Mount Vernon. 
MacDermot Roe- "A Princely Milesian Line"
  The MacDermots Roe through pedigrees.
How Many MacDermots Roe Are There?
  The answer may surprise you.
The Name MacDermot Roe
  Its origin and meaning.
MacDermot Roe Heraldry 
  About the Family Coat of Arms, Crest and Motto.
What is a Biatach?
  The ancient Irish charitable tradition and the role of Biatach General.
MacDermots Roe in the Elphin Census of 1749
  MacDermots Roe included in this rare 18th century census.
MacDermots Roe in Griffith's Valuation
   All MacDermots Roe listed in this tax survey taken 1848-1864
MacDermots Roe in Roman Catholic Church Records 
  Various Baptisms and Marriages from late 18th to late 19th century
O'Carolan and the MacDermots Roe
  Ireland's most famous composer and his MacDermot Roe patrons.
Searching the Family of Michael McDermottroe
  Connecting with the MacDermots Roe of Crosshill, Kilronan
Searching for Roots Part 1 
  Fond recollection of how one MacDermot Roe found her ancestral land in Tawnymucklagh, Monastereiden
Searching for Roots Part 2 
  Continuation of the account of the MacDermots Roe of Tawnymucklagh, Monastereiden.

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